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Ben's Tree House $9,275.00

This incredible Tree House comes with its own tree. Each tree house begins with a real 6' tall log that has been reclaimed from local ranches. The tree is hollowed out with a chainsaw a little porch with a door is added, a window is cut in with an eave and a flower box and then a short ladder which ascends through the clubhouse trap door. On top of the log is a cartoon inspired, whimsical clubhouse with crooked windows and sagging roofline. In keeping with our whimsical design, the pickets are recycled wine barrel staves which have been sanded and rustically painted. Every clubhouse features sturdy construction using Douglas fir framing and cedar board siding. Recycled cedar shingles cap off the roof, weather-proven paint accents the exterior, and fun rust adorn the entire playhouse structure.

    Original Ben's Turbo Tree house
  • Real standard log (approx. 4' dia)
  • Log porch, door, and window with eave
  • 4' x 5' standard clubhouse floor
  • Qty 4 crooked windows
  • Clubhouse doorway
  • 4' x 5' standard balcony floor
  • Spiral turbo slide
  • Rust accent package

    Deluxe Ben's Turbo Tree House $15,270.00
  • Real oversized log (approx. 5' dia)
  • Log porch, door, and window with eave
  • 5' x 6' oversized clubhouse floor
  • Qty 4 crooked windows
  • Belt swing
  • Rust accent package
  • 6' x 6' oversized balcony floor
  • Roof dormer
  • Spiral turbo slide
  • Staircase with landing
  • 15'H x 20'W x 12'D

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