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Real Simple Magazine: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide -- November 2014
Cool Gift for Kids: Mini Hideaway Tent. Now she can pitch a tent for their stuffed animals and do... (more info)
Real Simple Magazine: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide -- November 2014
Cool Gift for Kids: Bow Tie Bib Your stylish little dude might just start a barbershop quartet w... (more info)
Cool Mom Picks: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide -- November 2014
Personalized french leather and gold star bracelet
Real Simple Holiday Gift Guide 2013 -- December 2013
The Best Gifts for Teenagers and Tweens Avoca Gloves Lend a hand—and a laugh—with this cozy w... (more info)
Pregnancy and Newborn: what's hot now -- November 2013
Celebrating big siblings tip: Fill a small bag with toys especially reserved for play when baby... (more info)
Pregnancy and Newborn :A fresh take on old favorit -- August 2013
“Madeline woke up two hours later, in a room with flowers.” Anne-Claire Petit flowers $89 at... (more info)
Vitamin Daily - Baby in Waiting -- July 20, 2013
Between waking mom and dad up at all hours and finding new spots to stick their fingers in, a bab... (more info)
Cool Mom Picks: Forget your sleeve... -- March 2013
Beautiful style, quality European materials, and adorable sweetness, all in one shoe for babies,... (more info)
E! News - G's Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids -- December 2012
Sushi Time Booties $41.00
Newsweek Magazine - 2012 Interactive Holiday Gift -- December 2012
The Wee Ones: Sushi Booties $41 They say babies are scrumptious for a reason.
GOOP: Holiday Wish List -- November 22, 2012
Wish List Happy Thanksgiving! It's officially the holiday season, and with that in mind, it's... (more info)
Cool Mom Picks: These booties are made for gawking -- October 14, 2012
Listen up, partner. Even though they're cute as the dickens, those baby toes must go under wraps... (more info)
The Canadian Gift Guide: Style For Miles -- June 12, 2012
I truly can’t go more than a week or two without zeroing in on another awesome business for yet a... (more info)
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine - Bundle Up -- December 2011
Bundle Up? Keep baby warm from head to toe with too-cool hats and so-warm Chloeinstyle
Cool Mom Picks - The 2011 Holiday Gift Guide -- December 2011
We're so thrilled to present our 2011 holiday gift guide... Reindeer hair clip $7 at chloe... (more info)
REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINE - Gifts for teens & tweens -- December 2011
scarf on a spool: the present is a classic; the delivery system, an innovation; and the patterns... (more info)
Canadian Family Magazine - Make believe & GIVE IT -- November 2011
Super access ory Whether he’s a comic book geek or not, we think most dads will appreciate the... (more info)
Parents Canada - NEED IT! WANT IT! GOTTA HAVE IT! -- Fall 2011
Chloe in Style Booties Let your baby glide into style with these ice skate booties. Hand-croche... (more info)
Cool Mom Tech - The cutest iPod player you'll ever -- September 14, 2011
Before I had kids, I was one of those people with headphones firmly planted in my ears during my... (more info)
Daily Candy Kids - He'll Fall Asleep Faster with W -- June 20, 2011
One sleepyhead’s lullaby (crashing waves from a sound machine) is another child’s nightmare. T... (more info)
Inhabitots - Kids Can Be King or Queen For A Day.. -- June 9, 2011
Let’s face it, most tots reign supreme in their respective households, so why not make it officia... (more info)
Vitamin Daily - TOO HOT TO SANDAL -- April 2011
It’s time for the little piggies to be free. The adorable Salt Water Sandals, seen on stylish... (more info)
Cool Mom Picks - Easy lies the head that wears a b -- April 2011
I'm kind of thinking these pretty, personalized felt crowns over at Chloe in Style would be a per... (more info)
Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine: Something to fawn -- January 2011
The apron front and crochet hemline of this darling skirt have our hearts swelling this month. It... (more info)
Newsweek Magazine - A Me First Kind Of Christmas -- December 2010
For the fashionista: The Splash Watch is supercool for boys and girls of all ages. Seriously—Davi... (more info)
Wall Street Journal - 2010 Holiday Gift Guide -- November 20, 2010
Wall Street Journal columnists and contributors select a range of gifts – suited for a small than... (more info)
GOOP: Holiday Gifts -- November 18, 2010
A return visitor to our Holiday gifts newsletter, Chloe In Style has even more cute kids stuff th... (more info)
Parents Canada - Holiday Gift Gift Guide 2010 -- November 2010
Watches Guess what time it is? Time to get a watch! Cool, comfortable, water resistant and avail... (more info)
Canadian Family Magazine - Annual Toy Guide 100 -- November 2010
Wearing red during the holidays isn't just about being festive; there's a perfect shade for every... (more info)
Cool Mom Picks - The 2010 Holiday Gift Guide -- November 2010
Welcome to our annual holiday guide! gingerbread girl hair clip nom nom nom $10 at chloe... (more info)
Parents Magazine: Back to School -- September 2010
Its Back to School! Black Legging Jean from Chloeinstyle
Canadian Family Magazine: Pack It In -- September 2010
These containers are the perfect place to stash your preschooler's crayons, your tween's love not... (more info)
Cool Mom Picks - Back to School Shopping Guide -- August 1, 2010
The Coolest Purple Everything We love that purple is the color for Fall, whether you've got girl... (more info)
Magic Night Lights -- June 29, 2010
LED nightlights are cool. Literally. They don't produce the heat that incandescent bulbs do, and... (more info)
Urban Rush TV Show - Mother's Day -- April 2010
Mother's Day Gift Guide 2010!
Vitamin Daily - Cup of Plenty -- Janaury 22, 2010
Things you dream of: a) A week - make that two - in Cabo. b) Getting your roots done. c) Finis... (more info)
Pregnancy Magazine - A little something for you -- Dec 2009/Jan 2010
Don't forget to make your own list. Or just leave this page out where he can see it. Scalloped I... (more info)
Daily Candy Kids - Game On -- December 10, 2009
While you’re on the home stretch, buy the Tree of Life puzzle. The Dutch creation is both a nurse... (more info)
GOOP: Personalized Holiday Gifts -- December 3, 2009
When it comes to children’s gifts, I check out Chloe In Style for handcrafted toys and accessorie... (more info)
Pregnancy Newborn Magazine: Black and White -- December 2009
Black and White and cute all over: We can't get enough of those feathered friends! Keep your bab... (more info)
Here Come The Toys, Dress Me Up -- November 2009
Parade this season's best toys with the help of CF's Annual Toy Guide. Get them ready for any f... (more info)
Canadian Family Magazine: Get the Look -- October 2009
Get the Look: Beach Village Teepee, $380, Chloe In Style
Stylish for the Cause -- October 19, 2009
We discovered these ponchos online, and are positive any little girl would enjoy wearing one. Sof... (more info)
Pregnancy Newborn Magazine: All Dressed Up -- October 2009
Raid your babe's closet, pick up a few accessories, use your imagination, and transform your tiny... (more info)
Support Breast Cancer Awareness -- October is Breast Cancer Awareness. October 2009
Chloe In Style is giving $5 from each sale to Rethink Breast Cancer -- a charity helping young pe... (more info)
September already! How do you like them apples? -- September 2009
these apples aren't for the teacher; our kids will want to hang on to these for sure. What kid... (more info)
Canadian Family Magazine: Pretty in Poncho -- September 2009
The juicy colors and mosaic prints on these modern fleece capelets are way cute on the under-10 c... (more info)
Cookie Dough -- September 2009
The Season's Best Deals Score with deep discounts on this season's most coveted goods. Pack Lea... (more info)
You're a Doll -- August 27, 2009
You're a Doll Custom Dolls from Chloe in Style Your daughter loves to play Extreme Makeover wit... (more info)
Pop Quiz: Pick of the Week! -- August 25, 2009
MomAgenda If you wander around SavvyMom HQ, you’ll see momAgenda mini-dailys on a lot of desks a... (more info)
A Sleep of Faith -- Sleep - Must Haves July 16, 2009
Ask 100 parents their theories on sleep and you’ll get 101 different answers. (Ferber! Weissbluth... (more info)
Chloe In Style Booties - the cutest ever toasty to -- July 9, 2009
Sandals suitable for winter newborns are no longer an oxymoron! These knitted booties by Chloe In... (more info)
How to find the perfect gift for dad -- Weather your dad is a sports fan...June 2009
Creative dads will be charmed by the abstract aspect of these shadow silhouette pictures. You pic... (more info)
The Ellen DeGeneres: Mother's Day Special - May/09 -- Lace-up Booties from chloeinstyle
Mother's Day: lace-up booties from How Adorable! Ellen, and Allison Sweeney l... (more info)
Mighty Junior: Flower Power Hat
February 20, 2009 Flower Power Hat
Pregnancy Magazine: Your Baby
February, 2009 Love Means... pvc graphic tote
October 8, 2008 These unique laminated bags from Chloe In Style can stand in for your daughter's... (more info)
Parents Magazine: Sweet Things
October, 2008 Cupcakes are popping up everywhere, and we can't get enough of this yummy trend!
Real Simple Magazine
August 28, 2008 Gifts for Newborns and 1 Year-Olds Celebration
Saved by the Bell
August 14, 2008 Here’s a five-step plan that will have them up and out the door with a smile on... (more info)
Cookie Magazine: CARRY-ON CABOODLE
June/July 2008 "My four year-old absolutely insists on bringing a blanket as well as a stuffed a... (more info)
The Ellen DeGeneres: Mother's Day Special - May/08 -- Cowboy Booties from
Mother's Day: Cowboy booties from How Adorable! Ellen, and Jessica Alba love... (more info)
Canadian Family Magazine: a woman's work
June, 2008 Female entrepreneurs in Canada contribute more than $18 billion annually to our econo... (more info)
Canadian Family Magazine: family-411 MUST-HAVES
June, 2008 Our newest favorite mom e-tailer,, hits the sweet spot, with both th... (more info)
10 ways to make Mom feel good -- inside and out
May 8, 2008 Also, check out the Green Mom T-shirt at Windsor, Ont.-based It's m... (more info)
May 7, 2008's Bridget Jewell, mompreneur, and Canadian Family Magazine's favorit... (more info)
"Better" TV: Parents Minute - "Ponchos"
oh so stylish
Diaper bags, stationery, gorgeous homemade ponchos, oh-My! This store is filled with things that... (more info)
Ugly Is In
April 16, 2008 Just ask Ugly Betty's America Ferrera and anyone else who has managed to revive t... (more info)
Run For Cover
March 20, 2008 Your progeny: a wondrous, pint-size replica of you. Genetically speaking, that... (more info)
Canadian Family Magazine: family-411 MUST-HAVES -- Love Charms
March 2008 you asked us: We were flooded by your requests about how to wear your heart around... (more info)
February 9, 2008 Hair is important to me. I have l-o-n-g hair down to my lower back and having a... (more info)
Holiday Gift Guide 2007 -- Holiday Trends 2007
For Kids Halabaloo Dress Silk shantung tiered dress (sizes 2-6 years) by Halabaloo. BUY O... (more info)
Pregnancy Magazine: Your baby ~ 1st year gear
December 2007 Your baby ~ 1st year gear
Parents Magazine: Stylin' in Your Hood
November 2007 Dress -Up Fun How's this for fairytale-inspired fashion: A handmade red fleece pon... (more info)
Pregnancy Magazine: Your Baby Veg Out
Trebimbi Puppet Kids Dinnerware Set in Fuschia $49.00
Felt Hair Clips from Chloe In Style
Pooky has quite a collection of hair clips, but nothing quite like these adorable felt hair clips... (more info)
Summer 2007 Issue
See you at the beach July 25th, 2007 Now you know where we’re all gonna be at this summer. Bec... (more info)
Edna Poncho
We all dream that our children will one day grow up to be in mariachi bands, but in the end, we j... (more info)
Embrace Your Inner Hippie With This Poncho
Made from fleece with multicolored imported French Ombre Rococo style ribbon and ball fringe. An... (more info)
Chloe in Style Diaper Bags
My latest diaper bag covets from Chloe in Style From left to right, Slingtote Yellow Seed Pod, Ju... (more info)
Pregnancy Magazine: June 2007 Baby Style
babystyle: Chloeinstyle Chocolate Bunny features hand-printed bunnies on super-soft cotton. $27... (more info)
Campy Behavior
Want to keep outdoors-ravaged hair at bay? Those rats’ nests will never happen if you pop in one... (more info)
Must have holiday trends for moms, kids...
On to something else that I love, Chloeinstyle chic boutique for tots, and they also have a few p... (more info)
what we're loving
"I am always searching for the perfect stuffed animal to give as a gift – this one is so soft and... (more info)
Clip Art
If your daughter is not a bows and ribbons kind of girl, but you still want to pretty up her hair... (more info)
A-List Teddies
Sure, your toddler loves that ratty old blankie - it goes everywhere that he does. But did you ev... (more info)
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Cook up some memories together while donning these adorable matching aprons. Calling all dads: th... (more info)
Spring into Action
Sure you can dress ’em up for spring, but can you actually take ’em out? Not unless their clothes... (more info)
Another park outing for Violet Affleck
Violet's hair clip is the penguin tux little girl clip available at Chloe in Style for $9.
Chic, Pink & Fresh
Chloe In Style is a girly store for girly girls. And I mean that in the best possible way. From s... (more info)
Online Boutique of the Week: Chloe in Style
Tired of hitting ten in a dozen shops only to find the same toys and gear? Try Chloe in Style, wh... (more info)
Crawford-Gerber family in Malibu
Cindy is wearing the peace love mom forever thermal (available at Chloe in Style for $42).
Pregnancy Magazine: April 2007 GOTTA-HAVE IT BABY
When it comes to your infant's wardrobe, you'll need several basics but not everything in the st... (more info)
Gucio Shoes
Gucio comes in several fun colors. The dye used for them are non-toxic and only applied to the ou... (more info)
What's Hot, What's Not
What's Hot Something for Mom: Who says Mom's can't be stylish? Just say no to Mom-jeans and sub... (more info)
Mother of Invention
Mother of Invention Not finding cool items for her daughter, 'mompreneur' did something about it... (more info)
Gifted Chidlren
You could buy whichever toy the holiday marketing machine is pushing this year. But out-of-the-or... (more info)
Baby Couture Holiday Gift Guide that Gives!
Trebimbi Club Set If you want the rascals to eat and truly enjoy the experience, this will set t... (more info)
Pregnancy Magazine: New Born Style, Girlie Things.
NewBorn Style - "Soft" and "cozy" are the buzzwords for baby fashion. Tea Collection Tea lotus bo... (more info)
Product Showcase: Chloe In Style
Product Showcase: Chloe In Style Chic and unique…that's Chloe In Style. At Chloe In Style you'll... (more info)
Be a Pink Mom
Be a Pink Mom Chic boutique- Chloe In Style is giving $5 from each sale of the Pink Mom tee to B... (more info)
Groovy June
Making a mess in the kitchen never looked saucier. You’ll want to get your June Cleaver groove o... (more info)
Bird Dog
In my daughter's language, everything with four legs is a dog. Cat? Dog. Lion? Dog. Cow? Dog.... (more info)
Double duty
The long and short of it is that this sweater may also be a dress ? pair it with this season's mu... (more info)
Stuff We Love: Year-round wrap
Year-round wrap Just the fact that this is called a kimono robe conjures up a romantic, otherwor... (more info)
Mom and Daughter Matching Aprons
Cooking together creates a unique bond between moms and daughters. The Carnival Apron at Chloe i... (more info)
Upward Dog T-Shirt
Upward Dog T-Shirt -- QUICK PICK -- Great for yogis in training! Available at Chloe in St... (more info)
August, 2006: W Survival Tips
You don't always have time to shop for the latest fab products when your a mom. Lucky for us ther... (more info)
Chloe in Style for mom and baby
Today, I found this website that sells both baby gear and Mom clothes - and both are super cute.... (more info)
Adorable shoes ooze celebrity cachet
Gucio baby shoes are among the bestsellers at the cute shopping site for yummy mummies Chloe In S... (more info)
Site Find: Chloe in Style
Seems like Hollywood?s buzzing with news of new mommas, papas and babies every day, and if you?re... (more info)
Adorable hairclips for the tiniest of hair
Attached to little clippies, Giddy Giddy hairclips are small enough for thin baby hair, to tame t... (more info)
Hot goodies for Father's Day
(WTNH, June 10, 2006) _ Father's Day is just a week away, and whether you have only $20 or up to... (more info)
Flopsy Baby Hair Clips
Flopsy Baby Hair Clips Hand-stitched felt barrettes in kid-friendly designs?including peapods, p... (more info)
Giddy Giddy to Tame Your Baby's Mohawk
Just because a headband or a bow on your little girl's melon doesn't strike your fancy doesn't me... (more info)
I tried to come up with a creative title for this blog entry, but I couldn?t seem to find anythin... (more info)
Pregnancy Magazine: Baby Announcements
It's the biggest news you'll ever get to share, so do it with style.
Chloe in Style: Chic, Pink and Fresh
Chic moms like Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Angie Harmon, Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Hudson bu... (more info)
Mini Buzz Doll
The mini buzz doll will be a favorite for your baby or toddler. It's unique look and designs is... (more info)
Pacifier Pod
The pacifier pod available at Chloe in Style is a great addition to any new Moms diaper bag. Afte... (more info)
Voncute Tee
When we stumbled across this tee, we just had to review it. What a cool tee based on the popular... (more info)
Big Lug
Luxury gets a waterproofing in the new metallic bronze-lined leather bag by Timi and Leslie. It?s... (more info)
Pregnancy Magazine: Get ready -- best bets -- Debut Performance
Before you know it, the time will come when you'll want to let everyone know of your newest addit... (more info)
3-21-06 -- Press Release
Women everywhere have a bit of Chloe in them. Dateline: Ontario, Canada - March 20, 2006: Cana... (more info)