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Women everywhere have a bit of Chloe in them. Dateline: Ontario, Canada - March 20, 2006: Canadian MOMpreneur Launches Stylish Online Boutique with the One and Only CHLOE Blazing a New Trail for Fashionistas Across the World! Who is Chloe? What is ChloeInStyle? ChloeInStyle recognizes the spirit and fun of womanhood. Chloe in style can be any woman. Chloe is chic, and has her own individual style. She is a seasoned mother, perhaps she is an expectant mom, maybe she is newly engaged or out there by herself. She does yoga, she works outside or inside the house; goes to school; and always manages to squeeze in a bit of (me-time--shopping!) She is a woman who loves who she is - Chloe in style. She is you! is a one-stop shopping experience for all women. Now you can find a baby gift for a friend, find the latest and greatest stationery; and simultaneously (quite magically) buy yourself a shirt or bag. It is that simple. It is the ultimate, fun shopping experience for the chic, busy and stylish woman. ChloeInStyle offers in demand products that are high quality and come from the most reputable designers in their industry. Chloe's latest picks include: Promom Couture tees; Sweetees; Blabla's collection; and Jack and Lulu's stationary, to name a few. Many if not all designers have been in the press more than once and are carried at fine departments stores and boutiques nationally. You know you're getting quality as everything has the 'CHLOE SEAL OF APPROVAL.' ships inexpensively to both Canada and United States locations. For additional information contact: Bridget