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My latest diaper bag covets from Chloe in Style From left to right, Slingtote Yellow Seed Pod, Ju Ju Beís Be Small - Blue Bouquet, Oi Oiís Floral Bouquet Hobo Bag. Iím highly selective about diaper bags (okay, truthfully Iím incredibly picky about EVERYTHING!), I like them small, washable, with lots of pockets. One pocket for a sippy cup, one for mommy stuff, and now that I have two in diapers, two seperate areas for their two seperate diaper sizes. Since having Charlie, getting out the door has become all that much more challenging, so I try and keep as much in the car as I can so that I donít have to freak out about how the diaper bag is not properly supplied as Iím headed out the door. In the car I keep five diapers per baby and a package of wipes plus a changing pad. I also keep the glove compartment stocked full of snacks so that we can easily avoid grumpy/hungry toddlers and grumpy/hungry moms.