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April 16, 2008 Just ask Ugly Betty's America Ferrera and anyone else who has managed to revive that iconic 70s-era classic - the poncho. Yep, I'm sure you all remember that homey looking, messy yarn fringe bearing, peek-a-boo crochet-style afghan with a head opening. Not one of our best fashion moments. Until now. Ugly has gotten a major overhaul in the form of a girly-glam makeover thanks to Chloe In Style, a posh Canadian purveyor of all things chic for moms, babies and tots. Their line of deliciously soft handmade polar fleece ponchos (Cindy style shown at top left, $59) for little fashion plates are anything but dowdy - how could they be, since each one has an ultra trendy name like Sabine, Raine, Delphina and Gretta (shown at bottom left, $59), just to name a few - and showcases different fashion-forward embellishment like contrasting braided chenille trim, French Rococo detailing, Ombre ribbon, retro ric rac, and imported pom poms. Maureen McCormick (aka, Marica, Marcia, Marcia) would totally approve.