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Chloe In Style Booties - the cutest ever toasty to

July 9, 2009

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Sandals suitable for winter newborns are no longer an oxymoron! These knitted booties by Chloe In Style come in various showy styles, whilst retaining all the toasty-warm attributes of the traditional knitted bootie. Grab the Converse-style lace-up boots, sweet Mary Janes, cowboy boots or the notable sandals, which are sure to bring a smile to every face. My personal favourites are the cowboy boots as I'm hankering for a leather pair for my four-year-old. There won't be any newborns in this house so I'll be looking at these as a distinctive gift for friends. They come in an array of beautiful colours sure to suit any style of wardrobe and are available in sizes from three to 18 months. They're US$41-$48 a pair from Chloe In Style who ship internationally.